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A moment of pride!

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Some call it the May long weekend!  Some call it Victoria day.  Whatever it is, it is a holiday in these parts and often this weekend is marked as the beginning of summer for us Canadians.  We found ourself visiting Ottawa…a reunion with relatives.  Ottawa (our nation’s capital) is a five hour trip from our home in Waterloo.  Sometimes these moments along a stretch of road breeds perspective.  We live in a beautiful country, some say the best place on earth to live.  The road brought me awareness of how truly blessed we really all are.  On a cool and windy Sunday afternoon our family strolled from our hotel towards the Parliament buildings.  It was a sight to behold as the glorious symbol of our democracy unveiled itself….Ok…I’m getting carried away, but the buildings that house our government in session are truly magnificent.  Here is a quick snap of the Parliament Building and The Peace Tower.


Erin & Scott

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October can’t come soon enough for these two!  I am thrilled to give you a peak at a few shots of their engagement session on a windy, rather cool but sunny April afternoon in Ontario.   It was a bit of a challenge getting out of the wind and finding the leeward side of the buildings, and once there we had to deal with the rather harsh light.   The setting is the very small and quaint Belmont Village where Erin lives.  Erin is moving at the end of the month from her tiny bachelorette apartment, and before too many memories are boxed up and moved away we decided it would be a wonderful keep sake to take some shots of the place she called home and where Scott left so many impressions on her.  Erin & Scott, I am sooo looking forward to capturing your wedding day in October.  Although I’d like to savour the summer months before that takes place….I CAN’T WAIT!!!!es-esession-101es-esession-31es-esession-81es-esession-22es-esession-71es-esession-93es-esession-113

Eye Rhyme

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Ian Graham is a good friend of mine.  A talented individual with a giving heart.  Recently he engaged his band Eye Rhyme to start recording and playing once again.  You can find their music up on itunes, and amazon and the likes (  Needing some images for promotional material, Ian approached me to do a shoot.  I’m a wedding photographer!  I like shooting beautiful women in particular!  But beautiful is Ian’s heart and a good friend.  So here is my attempt at shooting “the guys!”  Good luck Eye Rhyme, I hope you can make use of these

A Bridal Affair

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Here is a quick peak of a bridal shoot I did for my dear friend Iris (who was the maid of honour).  It was cold and overcast, a typical March day in Ontario so we had to resort to indoor shots and were limited both in time and space in which to shoot.  The venue was first class and the Ladies were beautiful.  At the end of the day, I had the privilege to take a quick snap of the bride and groom to be.  Diana and Peter, I wish you joy as you look forwards to your big day in June.  May some of these images remind you of the wonderful support your community, and dear friends and family have for you as you take your walk together.bridal-4 bridal-17

Website Preview!!!

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Hey everyone, I’m so excited to give you a preview of my new website.  

There are still a few areas under construction but take a look and let me know what you like and what you don’t!  


Here is the link


Christmas Concert 2008

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Well it’s over.  After many months of preparation and build up we can now put the concert titled “The Promise” behind us.  By the reviews, emails, letters and many comments it is evident that the words and music moved many.   There is no doubt that God was with us during the preparation and presentation.  To lead this group of musicians was an honor and a very humbling experience.  In His service!  Here are a few photo highlights.


My daughter Sydney, seen here, singing “What can I give Him? ” Having her participate and witness in this manner was a touching moment for all, especially the dude standing on the podium.