Shamar & Konstantinos

August 15, 2009 – the celebration that is Shamar and Konstantinos.  It was a joy to witness this union and capture it.  Two individuals from diverse backgrounds (Caribbean & Greek) made for an amazing and festive reception filled with traditions and dance from two worlds apart.  Yet on this night these two individuals and their cultures came together as one in true celebration.  To Shamar and Konstantinos:  May you remember your special day for years to come, and may these images remind you of your special bond and commitment to each other for years to come.  Shamar the joy in your wonderful, all embracing smile says it all.  Happiness to you both!Nedinis Blog-1Nedinis Blog Collage 3Nedinis Blog-6Nedinis Blog-9Nedinis Blog Collage 4Nedinis Blog-17Nedinis Blog-18Nedinis Blog-20Nedinis Blog-23Nedinis Blog-35Nedinis Blog-37Nedinis Blog-38Nedinis Blog-41Nedinis Blog-54Nedinis Blog Collage 2Nedinis Blog-90


~ by rayerwin on August 22, 2009.

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