Cottage Life – “A Childhood”

We celebrated Canada Day 2009 with my sister Hedwich and my “favourite brother-in-law”, Grant, and their kids up at their cottage on Little Beausoleil Island in Georgian Bay (about 90 minutes north of Toronto).  OH CANADA, we are so blessed in sooooo many ways.  The sunsets up there are predictably beautiful!  The air clean. The sentiment peaceful. The heart thankful.  The kids play without pause and occupy their time on the water, chasing frogs, playing a good ole fashion game of monopoly (with serious bargaining and laughter).  How good does it get?  Thank you Hed and Grant for sharing, we are grateful.  My sister made a very “deep” comment this weekend when she said,” to us it’s a cottage – to the kids it’s a childhood”.  It made me think of Michael Jackson as so many mourned his death this last week.  All his riches and fame.  All he ever wanted, was a childhood.  How richly blessed we are.  Thanks Be To God!  Here are some pics of beautiful sunsets, a playful fox that my lens caught, and a collage of cottage life.DSC_2242-54-Edit-Edit-EditDSC_2240-52-Edit-EditDSC_2149-186-EditDSC_2142-180-EditDSC_2153-190-EditCottageCollage


~ by rayerwin on July 3, 2009.

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