Best Friends!

Our best friends turned 25 this week!!! (actually it’s their 25th Anniversary).  We love Eric and Nancy dearly (sometimes….no, most of the time!).  My kids call them Uncle and Aunt…(they are too white to be related to me!).  Eric can’t even play squash very well (got ya! ….but then you are used to that).  Their kids, David and Andrew are related to me (I wiped their butts when they were once upon a time…babies?).  Can you tell…best friends.  For all they give to sooooo many people who surround them may they enjoy the next 25.  Here is a collage of a wonderful afternoon we had at our friends the Steffler’s.  Unbelievable hosts, Terry and Rob had guest guitarist Kevin Ramessar play and sing.  Incredible afternoon!25yrAnniversaryCollageFinished


~ by rayerwin on July 2, 2009.

One Response to “Best Friends!”

  1. Hi Ray, how sweet of you! Thanks to you and Barb for staying behind and enjoying the afternoon and evening with us…. It was really special and yes we do know so much …maybe toooo…..much about each other, but the greatest is that we can agree to disagree and still respect and love each other. No matter what Eric and I will always be there for you Barb and the children, we are bless to have you in our life and we will be forever friends. Thanks for the collage of pictures. Nancy

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